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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Writers in Action say THANK YOU MILDURA!

Filmed and edited by WIA student, Anahira Ballinger at LTU Mildura campus, 15/7/17

Forty students, from four of La Trobe University's campuses, had their love of literature, reading, and writing, reignited at the Mildura Writers Festival. We send our sincere thank you's to:

festival chairperson Donata Carrazza
artistic director Paul Kane
festival organiser Helen Healy
host extraordinaire Stefano di Piero
and their recruited volunteers 
and last 
but by no means least 

MWF 2017 guest authors

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Never too late to learn. By Carolyne Rickard

Reading was a chore for me when I was young. My mother would make me sit in the corner and read, to build up my vocabulary, so she said. I hated the fact that I was forced to read, especially as it was never anything really good it - it was just those trashy novels about love by Mills and Boon (no disrespect to themI did get educated, but not in the way my mother wanted at all). 

In my teens, however, I stumbled across Charlotte Bronte's Wuthering Heights.  From then on I was hooked on the love of reading, going through my years devouring a vast number of different books in different genres, like John Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids - wow what a fantastic book; aliens, scary as ...!

Now that I am older I read "how to" books on photography, as I'm always trying to learn more about that subject. 

But yes, I find that I still read trashy romance novels, like the epic Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Man, I could not put those books down. I am such a romantic. Never have I had books make me feel so much pain, passion and sadness, all at once.  Thank you EL James for writing them.

I would love to write a novel that people don’t want to put down, that would make them ignore their life to just keep turning the pages. Ah, we can all dream. But could it be more than a dream? Do I have the right magical stuff to be a writer? What makes me think that I could? Can I learn more at my age? 

Someone once told me that you either learn something new every day or you are dead, and it’s not my time to throw in the towel - well, not just yet.  And so I ask myself, could I learn to write a novel about love? Maybe all those late night session watching Sex in the City will pay off.  

Having enrolled in Writers in Action, and prepared myself for a weekend of learning from professional writers, will this be the great kick that I need to spur on my creativity? I think this will be a great opportunity to learn something totally new, something outside the box so to speak. Can I really do this?  I believe I can.

I have heard nothing but great things about this Festival and can’t wait to hear all the wondrous ideas that are lurking around Mildura in one weekend.

Never too old to learn I say.

The magic of writing. By Latifa Jaffri

I have always been in love with writing stories and reading books. When I was a primary school student, I would write narratives at home with the intention of showing my teachers what my imagination had come up with. As I was growing up I constantly had a book with me, devouring one after another. 
Image by John O'Nolan
Unfortunately, in the last few years life suddenly became so busy that I have not read as much as I'd like. However, my desire for reading and writing has not died at all. Especially for creative writing. I have a passion for imagining stories in my head and writing them down.

What I love most about writing is that it is your own: you can write whatever you like, you can choose the characters, the setting, the events, the problems, the personalities and the solutions; you can express your own view of the world; you can dramatise your beliefs and morals through your characters and their dilemmas. In writing, you can also be funny, if that's what you like.

I always put myself in the position of my characters and think to myself, ‘If that was happening to me, what would I do?’ I like to connect with my characters and enjoy giving each of them a unique story. When I write, I feel happy and relaxed. At times, I get too excited when I think to myself ‘I came up with a great story-line.' I want readers to feel what my characters are going through, to laugh and cry with the characters, to understand them, and most importantly, to enjoy reading my stories.

I am looking forward to being a 'Writer in Action' as I'm a real believer in the magic of reading and writing. I can't wait to meet the authors at the Mildura Writers Festival and to learn from them all. I would love to ask questions as I am working on improving my writing skills and aim to publish a book.