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Writers in Action is a La Trobe University subject that studies professional and creative "writers in action" through engaging students as active participants in a regional festival: the Bendigo Writers Festival, the Mildura Writers Festival, the Shepparton Festival and the Write Around the Murray Festival have all been hosts of the Writers in Action program.  

This subject is perfect for professional writers and writing enthusiasts. It gives you the chance to network with experienced authors and other key players in the writing world through exclusive writing seminars and workshops, media access to festival presenters and invitations to VIP festival welcome events and keynote sessions.

There are three phases within this subject:

Photo by Sibel Tansel, WIA 2015
1.the pre-event phase -
where the students are introduced to key concepts, topics and skills, and are supported in devising their project and planning to engage with the writers festival. 

2.the event -
providing students with an immersion experience where they attend the festival with a specific program of activities in mind in order to support their project 

3.the post-event response –
where the students complete their projects using the information and experience gained through the event. 

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