From our 'writers' in action...

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The magic of writing. By Latifa Jaffri

I have always been in love with writing stories and reading books. When I was a primary school student, I would write narratives at home with the intention of showing my teachers what my imagination had come up with. As I was growing up I constantly had a book with me, devouring one after another. 
Image by John O'Nolan
Unfortunately, in the last few years life suddenly became so busy that I have not read as much as I'd like. However, my desire for reading and writing has not died at all. Especially for creative writing. I have a passion for imagining stories in my head and writing them down.

What I love most about writing is that it is your own: you can write whatever you like, you can choose the characters, the setting, the events, the problems, the personalities and the solutions; you can express your own view of the world; you can dramatise your beliefs and morals through your characters and their dilemmas. In writing, you can also be funny, if that's what you like.

I always put myself in the position of my characters and think to myself, ‘If that was happening to me, what would I do?’ I like to connect with my characters and enjoy giving each of them a unique story. When I write, I feel happy and relaxed. At times, I get too excited when I think to myself ‘I came up with a great story-line.' I want readers to feel what my characters are going through, to laugh and cry with the characters, to understand them, and most importantly, to enjoy reading my stories.

I am looking forward to being a 'Writer in Action' as I'm a real believer in the magic of reading and writing. I can't wait to meet the authors at the Mildura Writers Festival and to learn from them all. I would love to ask questions as I am working on improving my writing skills and aim to publish a book.