Monday, 10 July 2017

Diving into the Unknown. By Phoebe Bray

I am an avid reader. For as long as I can remember I have always had a book at hand for whenever I may have the time to read. There is something so special about opening a new book and delving into a whole new world; the adventures are endless and the lives are unique, unlike any other you may have experienced. However, my passion for reading does not extend to a love for writing. My mind and writing are academically wired, so when I decided to join the Writers in Action class I was certainly nervous about what to expect, but also curious. 

As the Mildura Writers Festival draws nearer, thoughts have been flooding my mind about whether it is truly for me. How will this festival impact my writing, and even reading, in the future? Will I become inspired to write more creatively? How will my writing improve? What will I take from the festival? How will I feel about the books I read in the future? These questions, I believe, are best answered by previous festival goers, those who encouraged me to take a leap of faith and join the class. 

With my questions in mind, I queried two former La Trobe Mildura students, Dylan Tyers and Zach Mackay, about their experiences of the festival and what I should be able to expect and take from the event.

“The writers festival is like a celebration of literature,” said Dylan. “It makes the people connect with the fellow authors and brings the relationship to a more personal level.”

Zach’s response was in agreement with Dylan’s, stating that “it’s so intimate” due to the writers being able to engage more closely with the audience through discussions. Zach also added that he found the transition from reading to writing “quite stimulating”, explaining that he had found that the Writers in Action subject acted as a “kind of lens” through which he could focus on the ideas and issues being discussed at the festival, rather than just writing broadly.

From these responses, I believe that attending the festival and diving into the unknown could be a great way for me to extend my love for literature. Due to the festival being so intimate, I feel as though the sessions will be much like looking into the mind of the writer. As a reader, I will be able to gain a better understanding of the authors’ thought processes and the way they creatively produce and add their ideas into their work. As an amateur writer, I hope to develop my writing technique and passion, as I jump into this exciting adventure and whole new world of writers. 

Here goes nothing!

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