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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Blogging Tips

ABC Open Producer, the wonderful Jane Curtis, shares with us some of her tips for writing great blogposts. Thanks a bundle Jane!

Plan what you're going to say

Before you begin a new blog post take a moment to ask yourself what the post is going to be about. This will help you think of things to include and keep your writing on track. Each post should be about one or two things.

Keep your posts and paragraphs short

Hold the attention of your readers by keeping your posts short and to the point. Long posts and large blocks of text can be off-putting to online audiences as they tend to appear time consuming to read. Sub-headings are a useful way of breaking up big blocks of text and keeping your writing focussed.

Take a moment to write a great headline

Your blog title should be inviting and intriguing for your readers and make them want to click through to read the full post. Try not to make it a summary of what you've just written about. Instead try picking out something funny or surprising from your post to put it in your headline.

Jot down blog titles and ideas as they come to you

If you make a habit of doing this regularly, you'll never be short of something to write about. Sometimes you might not have time to blog until the weekend or late at night and this will help you get straight into writing.

Punctuate your post with pictures

A great blog posts usually includes an eye-catching image or two that draws your readers in and keeps them interested. Sometimes you might have a knock out picture will dictate what you write about or you might choose to include a few images to break up a longer post.

Use photographs that you already have or take new ones to illustrate a post. You can also include photographs taken by friends and family with their permission or you could search online for an image to suit your post. Your local Open producer can also help you source images and improve your digital photography skills if this is something you'd like a bit of help with.

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