Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Writing on the Fringe with Powderfinger

by Rhiannon Lloyd

Bendigo Library was the home of the Write on the Fringe Festival during this year’s Bendigo Writers Festival.

This year the Write on the Fringe held a range of free events for individuals of all ages and interest.
One of these sessions featured former Powderfinger member, now solo artist, Darren Middleton.

Darren and a number of music enthusiasts spent their Saturday morning discussing song writing, being in bands, learning new techniques and ideas for their music. 

As well as providing feedback on their own songs, the overriding theme of the session was song writing.
Through discussions, the main concerns of the aspiring songwriters were brought forward. This led to an important conversation about some of the key elements: chords, lyrics, melody and structure. While Darren believes that there is no ‘method to the madness of songs’, it is best to be in a moment of inspiration and use past experiences.