Monday, 8 August 2016

Before the Festival - Get to know me

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd do a proper introduction as you'll definitely be seeing me throughout the exciting week ahead!

My name is Kira, a third-year Strat Comm student and a previous WIA student. Now, my official roles are Intern, Social Media Manager, Sue's Assistant (and No. 1 Lap Dog).

So all that pretty much means is feel free to come to me for ANY of your course-related needs, blogging/social media queries, and/or cafe recommendations!

As a previous student of Writers in Action I can honestly say, you're about to have one hell of a week. Take it from me, I've experienced all the nerves and excitement meeting the authors and poets. I've felt completely overwhelmed by the incredible amount of knowledge and inspiration you will all undoubtably gain. I've had to take the time to register and reflect on everything from this intense experience and I've had to find a way to piece it all together in time for the assessments.

So trust me, if I can do it, you can too!

Lastly, Sue told me to share a piece of my experience from my WIA blog so just click below for a direct link - Surviving in a Moment | "I want to give you a word, just take it, don't speak"

Also, quick bit of advice:

Just enjoy enjoy yourself and don't hold your creativity back. 

Oh, and write down EVERY phrase, EVERY line, EVERY word, EVERY thought and pretty much ANYTHING that touches you. 

Until the festival, happy preparing!

- Kira

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