Monday, 3 August 2015

Tweeting the festival: hashtags and handles

 #bwf2015 #bgoWIA @latrobe @bgowritersfest

As festival "writers in action" we can contribute on-the-spot reporting by tweeting. If you are not already a twitter user, there are really only two - or maybe three - things you need to know (after you have set up your twitter account that is): how to use hashtags (#) and how to use handles (@).

Hashtags #
from the Twitter Help Center

For the Bendigo festival, this year, we will be using this hashtag - #bwf2015 - so that our tweets can take their place specifically in the relevant conversation thread. We will also use #BgoWIA - thereby gathering our collective tweets in one searchable place.

Handles @

Handles are addresses. If you want someone in particular to see your tweet, and then be able to retweet it to their followers - a very desirable eventuality - then add their handle/address to your message. For the Bendigo festival  in 2015, using  @bgowritersfest alerts the festival that we have posted a tweet, and using @latrobe alerts La Trobe University. By using these handles you increase the chances of your tweet being seen and circulated, thus potentially increasing your readership.

What's the third thing a beginner should know?

When you write your blogposts, or post photos on other platforms, you can easily share these on twitter simply by copying the URL of the blog into a new tweet and then adding the appropriate hashtags and handles. Suddenly you will have grown your potential readership - and if people like what they read your chances of re-publication are also increased.

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