Sunday, 9 August 2015

Taking Stock

I've been so busy listening and reading and absorbing and learning and running between sessions and tweeting and note-taking and talking and gulping caffeine and waving hello and compressing the necessities of living into the fastest and most portable of containers so as not to impede - these last few days of cramming - the appetite for words or to slow down the chase after my tribe of word-hungry scribblers that I haven't had a moment to reflect

to pause

to allow the experience expand.

I'm still in that busy time - my head full of language and people and ideas and bubbling happiness

but the slowing is beginning

the pace is changing.

Absorption, if I let it, might soon turn,  releasing what it carries:




  1. I love this post Sue! Was this inspired by Carmel? I loved her one sentence short story and the way she delivered it. I might give it a try one day...


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