Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Reflection. The Bendigo Writers Festival 2015

by 'Mary Mondo'

Photo by Shane Carey. WIA 2015

The weekend has passed
All consuming while it lasted.
My first lesson this morning back at school
Appropriately was English, creative writing on the menu.
Perhaps I chose the wrong career
Having trained as a cookin’ and sewin’ teacher
I now find words and stuff is my thing.
My sowin’ now is ideas and words to act upon.
As for cookin’ I would rather enjoy the menu out.

But back to serious reflection!

Comfortable in the environment in which I was
Friendly interactions, gentle,unforced
Thought provoking ideas or information.
There was time to dream, to appreciate
What exactly … it didn’t matter.
Indeed they may seed further opportunities.
Time to be serious,consider, hardly think.
There was time to laugh, joke and converse
Time to sit, to muse, to listen to what was going on around.

Skill development
Punctuation, Yeah perhaps maybe maybe!
You can judge for your self, but I ask
Can you hear, see and feel the sense of this?

Eavesdropping positively enhanced.
Nothing like cafes and coffee to develop that.
But as for technology, not the type!
The personal touch, untidy notes in a note book
Words to remind, building blocks to ponder
Perhaps expand, develop.
Alone, with others … never lonely

But wasn’t Writers in Action supposed to be work?
Perhaps it was meant to be.
I learnt a lot by interacting, listening to the interchange
Silently, agreeing disagreeing challenged inspired.
Dredging the depths with choices to be made.
Affirmed and taught.

If only I could tweet this reflection
Perhaps I would.
There were certainly forty characters in that event
Thousands of faces in search and appreciation of the book.
Obviously this last reflection I can ( )log on line.

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