Monday, 20 July 2015


by Renee Jackson


With Eileen Chong at Mildura Writers Festival, 2015.
It has been so intense, soaking in everything over the last few days. I am currently feeling extremely inspired by the amazing advice given by the amazing writers that have come together for this amazing Mildura Writers Festival.

This festival has opened my eyes to the possibility that maybe one day I may well be good enough to be considered a publishable writer! 

I have been inspired by both younger and older authors who, like the differences in their ages, have many different styles and forms: poetry, fiction, biographies and much much more..... They are all so very amazing in their own ways. There has not been one session I have attended where I have not taken something away from it.

Some sessions have been more inspiring to me than others of course. Number One Personal Favorite  was Tracey Farr's session yesterday in the ADFA building, where she kept talking about her sense of home, and always coming back to home. For me my home is Mildura and I got quite emotional about this. Mildura is where I was born. Where I grew up until I was 12, and where I returned to in 2009 to go to University.

I actually moved from Melbourne back to Mildura to study. Why? Because I wanted to come home ... and because I was petrified of the massive class sizes and huge campus of Melbourne’s universities. The main reason for this fear was that in year 9 of High school we took a trip to Melbourne from Shepparton (where I spent my high school years) to visit open days at Universities. We were at the Melbourne University campus at the time and sent off to our relevant departments (mine being the animal studies department because I wanted to become a vet) to have a look around. I got completely lost and if I hadn't had a mobile telephone I would probably still be sitting on the bench in the middle of the uni campus all alone and terrified.

Back to the festival ... Speaking Eileen at the welcome drinks was another highlight. She was so lovely and knew exactly how we students felt because she said it was not that long ago that she was a student herself. I am much in awe of Eileen as she is in her 30s and has already published 3 books of poetry and much much more. Others, like Tracey Farr, were published when they were older - "in her second century at the age of 51" as she put it - which gives me hope that there is still time for me.

 I must pause and post to Facebook on how I am really feeling about my current blog entry…

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