Friday, 3 July 2015

Sarah welcomes Writers in Action of 2015!

Mildura Writers in Action students – you are in for a treat! This instance of WiA looks to be full of amazing conversation and inspiring sessions.

I was one of the lucky 60 or so students that participated in last years WiA, and I’m even luckier to Sue’s right hand woman for both Mildura and Bendigo sessions.

Writers in Action was the single most inspiring subject I’ve been involved in, and I can honestly say that I have never found it so easy to write than around and from this time. I was lucky to have not only a wonderful lecturer in Sue, but the sessions were thought provoking, funny, sad – all the feelings, and they made the words float around in my head and come out of my fingers. You can read my WiA blog here.

I found blogging last years festival a joy, but I remember all to well beginning the blog. It was hard! But here is where I come in this year. I am here to help you guys through. I am here to answer all your questions about blogging from getting started, to editing and beyond. Just leave your comments here and I’ll get you through. We are in this together ;)

The good news for you is you are using this blog - you don't need to start a blog from fresh, which means you can concentrate on your individual posts.

I will also be curating some of last years blogs. The students produced some amazing content, but it’s spread all over the place – I will post some here so you can get a taste of the range of blog posts you can produce. These should help you get started, and you may even find them inspiring by themselves as there are some wonderful writers in there.

Blogging is a skill in itself, but it’s one you can learn and the best place to start is by reading. After all a ‘Writers Festival’ could just as easily be called a ‘Readers Festival’.

Good luck – let the writing begin!

Below is just a short list of blogs from last years students. Take a read, and in the future I’ll pick out particular posts to provide examples of a particular style of blogging.


  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for the advice - I am soooo looking forward to this subject. Any chance you might be able to post some instructions/how to for our first blog entry? I am totally new to google+, and haven't got a clue! :(

    1. Hi Christine, I'm so glad to hear that you are looking forward to WiA - I'm sure that you will really enjoy it. Blog instructions are on their way c/o Sue, and I can promise you that they are pretty easy. Give me a shout out if you struggle though. As for content, the best advice I can give is to write about what grabs your interest. Good luck!

    2. Hi Christine, if you're stumped about how to create a blogsite, have a look at the video-tutorial I just uploaded. If you keep your blog design simple you shouldn't have too much trouble.

  2. PS Blogger has an app - it is a lovely simple way of creating posts. I highly recommend it if you are app inclined. All you need to do is log in, create a post and publish. The hard bit is knowing what to write - but Sue's post on blogging tips should help you there ;)

  3. Thanks to you both; hope to get my first post up tomorrow


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