Friday, 3 July 2015

Reflections on Writers in Action 2014

 Back Again, by Phillipe Perez

Image credit: Ryan Laughlin
Image credit: Ryan Laughlin

So after a little bit of a delay, I thought I would re-start this blog again (with a new name) for the hundredth time. It’s time I get myself into a routine whether it be putting stuff down onto paper or onto this blog. I really need to get into the habit of things with this blog.

I’m going to aim for a few things with this new blog hopefully, and maybe focus it on a bit of a niche. I’m going to try and make it about independent literature, writing and all other things nerdy and to do with writing.

One of my first aims I guess is to go to a few events around the joint. I think I may go and check out the Mildura Writers Festival and Byron Bay Writers Festival, which both look pretty ace at this moment.

But for me – I’m going to try to utilise this space to hone in on what I’ve learnt in my last three or so years of university. For those who don’t know, I am studying a Bachelor of Journalism at La Trobe University, and late last year took a subject called Writers in Action. In fact, this morning I got an email from a fellow student – Sarah Fallon – who was a student when we all convened at Bendigo for their writers festival. She has now got the awesome job of helping with the subject in the next month or so for the students taking up the subject this year.

I reflect on that week with some real fondness. It was a great community full of other students who wanted to get a lot out of their writing, whether it be non-fiction, experimental, fiction, or whatever. Seeing a bunch of people who had different aims made me realise that we all have thoughts that need to get onto the page in someway. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not, the art of writing itself is just a beautiful things to witness.

Articulating what I feel about seeing all those writers wanting to get their thoughts onto the page was pretty inspiring. This small little writer, looking up at more amazing writers than me, getting this buzz of inspiration of knowing that, yes I can do this too.

I’m so glad that the folks over there in Bendigo are doing it again. I’d recommend it if you’re a student wanting to get your writing out there.

Anyway, I feel I’ve gone off course here with this post. Basically what I am going to do is hopefully write once every two days, and put down thoughts on what’s been happening in in the writing world (or maybe my writing world), but put a personal touch to it.

I don’t have any plans for this blog to be honest and how this will all pan out. It could be something that just… evolves into… something I guess?

After staring blankly at my computer here for five minutes, I thought I might do that good cliché of writing: The List. So here in no particular order are:

The ultimate writing “things” I want to write about here at Zealous Lexicon:

1. Book reviews, lots and lots of book reviews (need time to read books too, though. Damn my active lifestyle).
2. Experiences at writer-ly festivals (hopefully I’ll get to Byron Bay, Mildura – and definitely Melbourne writers festivals in the next few months or so).
3. Issues to do with literature.
4. Interviews with writers
5. One of those “things I’ve been up to” weekly posts that seem to be the unending rage.
6. Maybe more lists?

I suppose that’s a start at least. We’ll see where this newish blog journey will take me. I know I’ve stopped and started so much before, but this time I’m going to try and make this stick.

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