Wednesday, 29 July 2015

How will you "do" the festival?

Not long now until we immerse ourselves in the 2015 Bendigo Writers Festival 

So it's time to really study the festival programs - the main program, the schools' program and the fringe program (links are on the @ Bendigo Writers Festival page of this blog) and sketch out a schedule for yourself. 

Purchase tickets to any of the "extra" sessions you want to attend. 

Remember that your enrolment in WIA includes a weekend pass, a few exclusives (highlighted on your WIA schedule) plus a ticket to the keynote session on the Saturday night (with Tariq Ali and Robert Manne). 

There are different ways to "do" a festival. 

You can pick a venue and stay there (a good option if you dislike making decisions). You can follow a genre, or a theme, or a particular interest. You can go to all the "big names". You can mix it up. Or you can take pot luck and be surprised. What you don't want to do though is have no idea what is in store - because then you might miss what interests you and get stuck with what bores you.

So check out the festival website, find out more about authors who appeal to you, take out your highlighter pen and deface your downloaded program with asterisks, circles, exclamation marks, under-linings and notes-to-self.
And please, remember, do not freak out! All will be explained next Thursday when we come together in Bendigo at the VAC (10 am) for our first session - with me! You will get your lanyard, your printed itinerary for the 5 days in Bendigo and all sorts of advice, teachings and guidance.

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