Monday, 20 July 2015

Hanobi and the Writers Festival

by Lewis White 

At the welcome for party for the festival writers and guests


It is Hanobi's first writers' festival and he wonders, when the people write his biography, if they will pin point this time as the moment in which he became drawn to writing. The time when by a stroke of luck he met a confidante and a friend in another writer that would guide him to critical acclaim. He shakes his head and makes a silly face: if people knew what he really thought.

He is staying in the roomy Mildura home of Jenny and Brian, who seem thrilled to have kids to look after once more. Hanobi could only afford to come to the festival because of their generosity. The house is a little out of the action in terms of the festival, however there are cats, and everybody loves cats.

Hanobi confesses that hasn’t actually read the authors of the festival but he doesn’t see this as a negative. He believes that one of the festival's purposes must surely be to introduce readers to new authors and so he is fulfilling this very desire. Plus he hopes the writers' characters will inspire him to read their work.

He admits to himself that although it was the promise of the quick credit that brought him to edge of Victoria, he wonders whether it will be the amicable and insightful writers that make him return.

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