Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Festival Fever

Only two more sleeps until the program for the 2014 Bendigo Writers Festival is released. It will be printed in booklet form in the Bendigo Weekly this Friday, and available at the festival too, of course. If you can't get your hands on the Weekly, head to the Festival website, or the Weekly website.

I will be hosting four sessions at the festival: talking with children's author, Gabrielle Wang (Friday), chairing the panel entitled "faith comes in many forms" with Robert Kenny, Sara James and Craig Sherborne (Saturday); interviewing poet Les Murray (Saturday night); and singing with Charles Jenkins and Liz Stringer - well, maybe just humming along (Sunday).

I will also be hosting (and probably herding) the troupe of LTU Writers in Action - our debut student reporters. Getting pretty excited now - and looking forward to reading that huge stack of books on my bedside table.
Hosting the "Best Song Ever Written" panel in 2013. Photo by Megan Spencer


  1. Looking forward to both the festival and being one of your student reporters ;)

    1. Yay - it worked! I've hooked my first reader ;-) Welcome Sarah.

    2. Totally hooked :) and thanks!


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